Doing a little good never tasted so good!

Food Lovers

Our love for the goodness and deliciousness of plant-based food was born back in 1986.

We believe the more people embrace plant-based food, the better the world will be but we know to help make this happen we need to make the switch to a plant-based diet super easy & tasty.

Which is why we are dedicated to creating truly nutritious & enjoyable plant-based products & recipe inspiration that make switching your favourite meals to plant based super simple & delicious – so grab a fork, dig in & enjoy!

We think the more people that adopt a plant-based lifestyle the better

Take a look inside our plant-based world!

Choosing to switch in a little plant-based food can be an easy way to make a positive ​difference to your health. We want you to ​ feel 100% confident that every time you choose​ a Garden Gourmet product you are making a positive ​choice – which is why our products have been developed alongside nutritionists to ensure they deliver on both taste and nutrition.


Garden Gourmet will be replacing the meat or fish on your plate, so we have of course ensured that all of our products are high in protein. We use soy protein as the base of our products because it contains all nine essential amino acids (the ones the body cannot make so must be incorporated into our diets).


Alongside this we have made sure that we have no red front of pack traffic light labels, meaning that none of our products are high in fat, saturated fat, sugars or salt.  One of the benefits of switching to a plant-based diet is that they’re often higher in fibre and we know that in the UK it’s a nutrient we struggle to eat enough of, so all of our products provide at least a source of fibre.


That's not all, to help you create nutritious & delicious plant based meals that make switching to plant based super easy & delicious, we’ve developed a range of mouth watering recipes. All of our recipes are developed by our in house Chefs and Nutritionists to ensure they are balanced, varied, and taste delicious. All of our recipes use a variety of food groups and are below 600kcal. What’s more, each tasty meal contains two portions of vegetables, making it easier for all the family to get their 5 A Day.

Switch in a little​ Goodness


Our choices leave an environmental footprint. As you’d expect all of our packaging is either recyclable or recyclable ready* and what's more we've challenged ourselves to accelerate our sustainability journey by becoming a carbon neutral certified brand by 2022.


*Currently tray and sleeve are recyclable at most homes please check with you local council. The film is recyclable at a number of retailer stores, please check here. But we are always striving to do more and are working closely with the Institute of Packaging Sciences of our parent company Nestle, which is putting a lot of effort at finding environmentally-friendly packaging materials