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About Us


At the heart of Garden Gourmet® is our aim to inspire everyone with the spirit of trying something different, something new, that’s meat free and good for you (as well as the environment). That's why we constantly develop new and surprising varieties of great tasting vegetarian food made from quality ingredients you know and love. Our name Garden Gourmet® reflects garden-grown plants and the international word for taste. And our products feature four mouth-watering ranges, all made for trying: Familiar Swaps, Veggie Creations, Just Ingredients and Snack On.


Garden Gourmet® is new to the UK but has been tantalising taste buds in Europe and Israel for over 30 years. The brand was originally established in Israel, where the classic Middle East and Levantine cuisine influenced our vegetarian food range from the start – and still influences us today. Backed by 150 years of Nestlé know-how, our range of delicious products not only make veggies and plant-based ingredients the heart of the menu, they’re good for the environment too.


To eat well you need to know what you’re eating. So we’ve labelled our products with clear nutrition information. You’ll be pleased to hear (and see on pack) that none of our products carry red nutrition traffic lights for fat, saturates, salt and sugars. Using plant based ingredients mean you get a source of fibre and protein which helps muscle mass growth and maintenance as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, and many of our products are low in saturated fat too. Our veggie dishes also meets the salt targets recommended by Government for meat alternatives. With Garden Gourmet® it’s a green for go.