Whatever-tarian you are, we have something delicious for you



Whether you dream of a new world with a vegetarian cuisine or are you just being veggy-curious? Do you swing from pescatarian to vegetarian? We’re for that, all of that. We are for the Whatevertarian, whatever tastes good.



No matter if you’re vege-tarian, flexi-tarian, spicy-tarian, deluxe-tarian, sneaky-tarian or, messy-tarian… We celebrate you!


You don’t need to be a special kind of “tarian” to love the garden-first meals, to enjoy the flavor and satisfaction. The juicy and sensational burgers, the meat-free sausages and tender plant based Mediterranean fillet pieces are for anyone who loves food. ​

We’re for a tasty, exciting new eating adventure wherever that leads, and we welcome all whatevertarians to our table! 


At Garden Gourmet we love good food, that’s plant approved and helps your plant-based lifestyle. Whatever-tarian you are, this day is for you:  #WhatevertarianDay! ​

​Join us on Instagram to show of your whatevertarian recipes and follow us for the first recipe on Vegetarian Day or Pasta Day. 

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