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Good for you, the planet & Tastebuds!

We all know that switching in plant-based meals once or twice a week is a great way to do a little good for you and for the planet. But at Garden Gourmet we also believe that giving plant based a go should be super easy & simply delicious.

Lots of reasons to grab a fork & tuck in!

Plant power

We choose to use soya in many of our Garden Gourmet products. As well as being a great source of protein, a burger made from soya creates up to 95% less greenhouse gas emissions than a burger made from beef.*


We believe that in choosing Garden Gourmet you should feel confident you are making a healthy choice, which is why all of our plant-based products are high in protein**, a source of fibre and have no red front of pack traffic lights.


As you’d expect all of our packaging is either recyclable or recyclable ready***, but we are always striving to do more and have lots of exciting plans in 2022 to reduce our packaging impact further.


We know to be truly good for you**, it needs to taste good too, which is why our products are tested with the people that matter – YOU. Our Garden Gourmet products are only launched when we get the thumbs up!”

*Poore & Nemecek GHG Calculator.  Based on typical fast food burger 2,820kg/yr once a day with 75g serving vs 100 Soy burger consumed once a day – 58/kg a yr.
**Protein contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle’
*** Optimised for future recycling, currently tray and sleeve are recyclable at most homes please check with you local council. The film is recyclable at a number of retailer stores, please check here

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